Building Young People on the Solid Foundation
Love Ministries provides mentors and guidance for young people.  Love Ministies strives and prays
against juvenile delinquency, while teaching the young to love Jesus, to love and to respect the rights
of others.  Love Ministries teaches young people wholesome moral standards aimed at helping them
make right choices throughout life.
Major Yearly Events:
Annual Teenage/College and Career Young Adult Spring Retreat
Annual Teenage/College and Career Young Adult Winter Retreat/Event
Annual Christmas Outreach Ministry for underprivileged Children
The Work of  Love Ministries
Love Ministries teaches young people to be excellent outstanding leaders in school and within the
community. The ministry advocates perfect attendance at school and encourages the young to get
involved in extra curricula activities.  Love Ministries provides a  listening ear for youth coupled
with advising  according to the Word of God. The ministry provides academic tutoring, school
supplies and assists children and teenagers with school clothing needs.  Love Ministries provides
mentors and assistance for those who have incarcerated parents.
Love Ministries Accomplishes Goals
Love Ministries builds young people who are equipped to share the Gospel and who become
positive influences and contributors to society.  Through weekly mentors, training  and education
programs geared at meeting the young where they are and growing them with purpose  is the method
used.  Love Ministries  provides several  conferences and social events each year to re-enforce and to
energize young people. Love ministries provides above reproach examples for the young to emulate.
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Love Ministries
Mission Statement
We are called to build young leaders with integrity who will become productive
citizens equipped to reach back and help others.

A not for profit 501(c)(3) public organization